CBD Tablets vs. Tinctures


CBD Tablets vs. Tinctures: What’s Better?

In today’s CBD market, there seems to be dozens of different ways to take CBD. Gummies, vapes, oils, concentrates, creams, lotions, sprays…the list goes on. However, the most popular method for ingesting CBD is still the CBD tincture. I started using CBD with a tincture many years ago, and over the years I’ve tried almost every other form of CBD as well, including CBD Tablets. However, is a tincture really the best way to ingest CBD? Let’s take a look.

Pros: CBD Tablets vs. Tinctures

CBD tinctures are the most traditional method of ingesting CBD. It is usually made up of two ingredients, CBD extract and a carrier oil to dilute the CBD to a certain concentration. This means it is made with a minimal amount of ingredients. Sometimes CBD manufacturers will use flavorings to try and mask bitter or off-putting flavors to make the tincture more palatable. This is why many people will choose to put it in their favorite beverage or drink. One of the positive aspects of tinctures is that you can often achieve very high concentrations of CBD in a tincture bottle, which is great if a person wants to take CBD in doses in 100mg or more. However, most CBD users usually take between 25mg to 50mg per dose. CBD Tablets can achieve both high and low doses of CBD.


Cons: CBD Tablets vs. Tinctures

As traditional as they may seem, tinctures come with their disadvantages. First, they can be difficult to accurately dose. It can be tough to get the exact amount of oil in the dropper every single time, especially if measuring highly concentrated CBD in just a few drops. It’s hard to repeat exactly what works for you when you find it. It’s not impossible, but it’s less than ideal. Second, tinctures can be messy. It’s a pain to transfer oil to the dropper, measure the dropper, and then try to place the dropper under your tongue without spilling CBD oil from the dropper itself, or accidentally knocking over the entire bottle. Third, they can go rancid and spoil quickly, unlike CBD Tablets. Many manufacturers will tout using “natural” carrier oils like Olive Oil instead of a more shelf stable carrier oil. The truth is this leads the oil to oxidize once opened, and quickly degrade over a few weeks to months. Fourth, tinctures can taste less than ideal. Especially in Full Spectrum formulas, CBD tinctures can be full of bitter plant matter that doesn’t exactly excite the palate. 

CBD Tablets

CBD Tablets vs. Tinctures …

What makes CBD Tablets different?

Tablets are probably the most popular method for taking any supplement, vitamin, or drug, but why? Let’s look at the many advantages of CBD tablets over tinctures:

  • Easy to dose. Get exactly the right predetermined amount of CBD every single time. No guessing.
  • No mess and easy to carry around. Even if you drop one, you just pick it back up.
  • Shelf stable for up to a year+. Won’t go rancid like oil.
  • No bitter taste. Can bypass the taste buds completely by swallowing a pill, or can be offered in chewables with delicious natural fruit and mint flavors.
  • No calories. No Fat, and little to no sugar. Keto Friendly.

As we can see, CBD Tablets can offer a better way to take CBD for just about everyone. At Good Operation, LTD we specialize in making the best CBD Tablets on the market. Check out our full line of cannabinoids pills and tablets and add unique, accurate, and reliable products to your line today.

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