CBD Pet Treats

CBD For Dogs

CBD for pets is the newest white label trend in CBD pet care, and it’s one that’s gaining a lot of traction. White Label CBD pet supplements are becoming increasingly popular as pet owners seek out ways to provide their furry friends with natural, holistic relief from a variety of health issues. From anxiety to joint issues, CBD pet treats can help your customer’s pet feel more relaxed, healthy, and comfortable. Let’s explore the benefits of CBD pet treats for dog and cats and how they can help improve the well being of your customer’s furry friends.

What are CBD Pet Treats?

CBD Pet Treats

CBD pet treats for dogs and cats are tasty edible treats made with cannabidiol

CBD pet treats for dogs and cats are tasty edible treats made with cannabidiol (CBD), and can be combined with other functional natural ingredients to achieve specific results for your trusted friend. Unlike THC, the other major compound found in cannabis plants, CBD is non-psychoactive and provides numerous health benefits to pets. This includes improved digestion, decreased inflammation, and increased joint mobility. CBD pet supplements have become increasingly popular among pet owners. Almost everyone is looking for a natural way to improve their pet’s overall wellness.

At Good Operation LTD, we manufacture CBD pet treats in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are designed to look like regular chewable pet tablets and treats. However, they are formulated with added CBD to provide natural benefits. We offer different flavors and dosage levels to meet the specific needs of the target pet demographic. We also formulate based target function of what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll work with you to come up with novel and innovative formula. This allows your CBD brand to offer a product that no one else has. Whether it’s calming, relaxation, anxiety, pet mobility, or joint issues, we can custom tailor a private label CBD pet treat that will make your customers keep coming back for more.

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Using cGMP and HACCP guidelines in every process, we meticulously engineer each formulation to the most exacting degree possible. For your project, we can supply carefully sourced, high-quality extracts (cannabidiol oil, distillate, isolate, etc.) from our verified suppliers, or gladly employ your provided extracts.

Our cannabidiol delivery systems assure precisely measured ingredients, so your customers can clearly know and feel exactly how much they’re taking, and repeat those same results over and over again.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Pricing:

We offer competitive tier pricing, so you can start out with small batches to test market acceptance, and eventually scale all the way up to commercial quantities. Your success directly correlates to our success!